Avoid wasting time with "back and forth" negotiations. Buy your next vehicle at the best possible price and eliminate hidden "Front-End" and "Back-End" dealer profits.
If you're looking to purchase a new or a used car this car buying guide will teach you money saving steps usefull in today's market.  We provide exclusive car buying and leasing calculators , printable "cheat sheets" and car payment checkers.  It also includes car dealer secrets , leasing tools and a full glossary of car buying terminology.
Seven Steps to a Sale
The Salesman's Seven Steps. Almost every car dealer will employ the following seven step sale process. These steps have proven to work for decades and at most dealers they are enforced as the law of the land.
Car Dealer's Hold Back
Car Dealer "Hold-Back" is money paid to a dealership by the manufacturer to off-set the cost of having an “in-stock” selection of vehicles for sale.
Car Financing Preapproval
Get Pre-Approved. Car dealers can make a great deal of "Back-End" profit when the customer finances their new car at the dealership. They have many banks they can use to find an interest rate that will fit their negotiation strategy.
Dealer Secrets: Car Buying "Be-Back"
Be Back
"I will be back" are four words that salespeople don't want to hear. READ
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