Avoid wasting time with "back and forth" negotiations. Buy your next vehicle at the best possible price and eliminate hidden "Front-End" and "Back-End" dealer profits.
If you're looking to purchase a new or a used car this car buying guide will teach you money saving steps usefull in today's market.  We provide exclusive car buying and leasing calculators , printable "cheat sheets" and car payment checkers.  It also includes car dealer secrets , leasing tools and a full glossary of car buying terminology.
Car Dealer's CSI
The Car Dealer's CSI. In the past fifteen years customer satisfaction has heavily influenced the new car retail market.  "C.S.I." stands for "Customer Satisfaction Index". Every new car manufacturer has an index that rates the performance of their dealers.
Car Salesman Write Up
The Car Salesman Write-Up The Foursquare is by far the most common “Write-Up” that is used by dealers.  As the title describes, there are four sections (or squares) that salesman must cover.  They are: Price, Trade-in, Payment and Down Payment.
How to Make an Offer on a Car
How to Make an Offer. The dealer will want to negotiate from their MSRP or “sticker price” and show a discount from this price.  Customers must base their offer from the net dealer cost.
Dealer Secrets: The "Pencil"
Car Salesman's Pencil
"If you have ever purchased a car you probably recall the salesperson disappearing into the sales office... READ
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