Avoid wasting time with "back and forth" negotiations. Buy your next vehicle at the best possible price and eliminate hidden "Front-End" and "Back-End" dealer profits.
If you're looking to purchase a new or a used car this car buying guide will teach you money saving steps usefull in today's market.  We provide exclusive car buying and leasing calculators , printable "cheat sheets" and car payment checkers.  It also includes car dealer secrets , leasing tools and a full glossary of car buying terminology.
Car Dealers Back End Profit
The Finance Office (“F&I”) is a major profit center for car dealers. Since new car pricing is readily available on the Internet, dealers have begun to rely on “Back-End” profits that are generated by this department.
Car Dealer's Paint Sealants
Car Dealer's Paint Sealants have become the golden paycheck for many “F&I” departments across the country. Sealants are paint and interior protection that is applied to a vehicle to prevent wear.
Extended Warranties
Extended Warranties are one of the most common "extras" that a customer can buy while in the "F&I" office. They are warranties that will cover the vehicles repairs cost after the manufacturer’s “new car” warranty expires. 
Dealer Secrets: Car Buying "Be-Back"
Be Back
"I will be back" are four words that salespeople don't want to hear. READ
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