Car Salesman Lingo

Car Salesman Lingo
Car Salesman Lingo
Common car salesman terms and expressions.  See all the terms in the Glossary.
Example of Car Salesman Lingo:
I was waiting for a Lay-down on the Point when a Sled with new Sneakers drove on the lot.  The customer looked like a Slide-Rule or a Stroke, but I decided to Up him anyway.  To make things worse, to meet-and-greet him I had to Skate a Hanger-Queen and a Green-Pea waiting for the Be-Back-Bus.

I immediately landed him on a Spiff car that had Whiskers and a Wrinkle in the quarter panel that a Gypsy  had rubbed-out months earlier. As it turns out, the customer was a Mooch on a Bubble, Buried in his Builder and waiting for a Second-Baseman
After I put him on paper, I realized I would have to Butter-Nose his trade-in, Bump him a Nickel and eat the Trunk-money to make a deal.  I thought I would have to go in to Hold-Back just to make a Mini.  Luckily, the customer flopped on the first Pencil and the gross turned out to be a four Pounder after Pack

Unfortunately, he was a Roach.  However, the F&I guy was good at Hanging-Paper so he Roasted-the-app to make it look like the mooch had Gold-Balls.  And thanks to a decent Leg from the Desk, I sold some Mop-and-Glow on the Back-End.

As usual, as soon as the Unit was tripped and Killing-Bugs, a Jick tried to Kink me by claiming the customer was a Phone-Pop from earlier.
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