Mercedes C300 Lowest Lease Payment

Mercedes C300 Lowest Lease Payment
The lowest lease payments for a 2011 Mercedes C300 - Updated September 2011.  Keep in mind, some factory lease offers are often different for regional markets.  Monthly lease payments and down payments do not include sales tax. 
  Mercedes C300 2011
Due at Signing
  Sport Sedan
$349 Monthly
  4MATIC Sport Sedan
$369 Monthly

Expires 09/30/2011


These are leases that are advertised and are normally based on factory sub-vented lease rates.  This means that the residuals and money-factors are supported by the factory. You can read about sub-vented leases here.

Also, the down payment does not included vehicle registration which is required at lease signing.

Remember, you can always negotiate a better deal if you focus on the selling price of the vehicle first. 


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