Car Salesman's Seven Steps to Sale

Car Salesman's Seven Steps to Sale
Almost all established sales organization will have their salespeople follow certain steps to increase the likelihood of a sale.  Many companies have these steps in place to provide an outline for their sales staff.  However, almost every car dealer will employ the following seven step sale process. These steps have proven to work for decades and at most dealers they are enforced as the law of the land.
The seven steps are not only used to keep the customer on track but are performed in a certain order to produce a "same day" sales opportunity.
As a customer, it is important to recognize these steps and it is necessary to know when to stop the process.  Knowing what is going to happen next is a key element of this guide book. If a customer understands these steps, they will reach a successful outcome more efficiently.Car Salesmen's Seven Steps to a Sale
Of course, because every dealer is different, these seven steps are performed in varying degrees of intensity.  Never the less, they exist in almost every car dealership in the United States. Instead of the customer trying to avoid these steps, this guide book is designed to allow the salesman to go through them, albeit, not on the first visit to the dealership. 

During the first visit the customer will gather important information regarding price and availability, then after calculating the net-cost and financing options the customer will return to purchase the car.

The following articles will describe the "Car Salesman Seven Steps" and the psychology behind them.
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