Grant Cardone is a sales guru who has a variety of sales training and management products that his company sells to the auto industry. The “Cardone” method is a variation on the basic “foursquare” Write-Up. Essentially, instead of the salesman presenting the customer with “hit-figures” and then extracting a committed offer, a sales department that uses the “Cardone Method” will initially present the customer with an offer.

Usually, this “Cardone” Write-Up is a printed page of “hit figures.” For example, instead of having the salesman go from “square to square,” he will arrive with a document that provides the customer with a selection of payments that are based on different terms with different down payments. The basic concept is that the customer will forgo negotiation by selecting a low payment. Also, because it is a printed worksheet, it will look more legitimate than the hand written “foursquare.” Nevertheless, all of the same components will be present: Trade-in, Monthly Payment and Down payment.

Often, this method will attempt to commit the customer by using an option close. For example, they will present several payments, some lease and some finance, and ask, “Which payment would you like to have?” Keep in mind, some dealers will use this method without using Cardone’s software or even without knowing who Grant Cardone is. It is simply a way to begin the negotiations.

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