Car Dealer's On-line Leads

When you type in the phrase “trade-in value” or “new car pricing” into an internet search engine, you will see an endless list of websites. Most of these are actually “lead-generators,” and are not necessarily good sources for online information. These lead generating websites will ask the user to input the make and model of the vehicle they are interested in—many will also ask the user to input their trade-in information. Then they will require the user’s name, phone number and email (This is really their primary function.) They gather this information and then sell it to a car dealer in the customer’s area. These websites can receive anywhere from $10 to $30 per lead from the dealer.

Example of a lead generating website:



Essentially, this is another doorway to the dealer, and generally this information will be dispersed to the dealership’s internet salespeople. It is okay to submit information to these sites, but you should understand that you can expect a salesman from you local dealer to contact you and try to sell you a car. This guidebook recommends that you establish the vehicle’s net price through Edmunds com or before you initiate dealer contact.

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