Seven Steps to a Sale. Step Five: Write-Up

—Salesman’s Goal: Commit the customer to “buying today.”

sevenstep5The “Write-Up” is the fifth step in the salesman’s process and it is a critical stage in the sale. The “write-up” is when the salesperson attempts to commit the customer to “buying today.” This is usually accomplished though a “Foursquare” (You can read more details on the “foursquare” later in Closing Section).

The dealer believes that the best time to sell a car is after the test-drive. The customer is excited, “in the Ether,” and imagining himself owning a new car. At this point, the salesman will present the customer with the relative cost, payment and down payment in an effort to get the customer to make an offer. Because the salesman’s goal is to have the customer buy the vehicle that day, they use the “foursquare write-up” to present the customer with what it will cost in three parts.The three parts are: the trade-in, down payment and monthly payment. The other component is price. However, the salesman will try to avoid negotiating that element.

In each part of the foursquare, the salesman will present the customer with the cost and then attempt to get the customer to submit an amount that he would pay. Once the salesman has received the customer’s offer, he will ask the customer if he would buy the car today if the dealership would agree to his terms. Of course, the salesperson is not committing to sell the vehicle for that amount. He will phrase it to the customer as a contingency. For example, he might say, “I’m not saying it’s possible, but if I could sell the car for that amount, with this payment, would you buy today?” Once the salesman has a committed write-up, he can move to the next step, The Close.

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