Seven Steps to a Sale. Step Seven: Delivery

—Salesman’s Goal: CSI and Referrals.

sevenstep7The Delivery is the seventh step in the salesmen’s process. This step is often overlooked by the salesmen because they have already closed the deal. However, this step is adhered to religiously by experienced salespeople. During the delivery, the salesman will explain all the operations of the vehicle, describe the maintenance required, and familiarize the customer with the service department. Salespeople who perform this step usually have fewer customers who suffer from “buyer’s remorse” and want to return the car the next day.

Also, they can improve their CSI scores by spending time to familiarize the customer with every aspect of the vehicle. Of course, some salesmen will use this opportunity to “coach” the CSI score (see the article on CSI here).

After reading and understanding these steps, you will be amazed at how many salespeople will follow them to the letter. Keep in mind that it is important to know all of these steps so that you can use them to your advantage and control your time at the dealership.

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