Seven Steps to a Sale. Step Six: The Close

—Salesman’s Goal: Finalize the deal.

sevenstep6The “close” is the sixth step in sale process (In Chapter Four of this guidebook we will go into the detailed techniques dealers will use during this process). The close is when the salesperson finalizes the deal with the customer. This is either performed by the salesman or by a “Closer”: Remember, the closers will describe themselves as Managers or Assistant Managers.

The close is simply the “back and forth process” of offers and counter-offers. The dealer’s goal is to get a “Bump” in payment, price and down payment. Also, they will attempt to find an agreeable value for the trade-in. Dealerships know that no matter what the offer, they must make the customer feel like he is getting a great deal. Often they will perform some “Play-House-90.” In other words, they will act like they are having a difficult time selling the car at such a low price.

There are many closing techniques. However, the most common relies on the customer making some sort of compromise or “meeting them half way.” Once the deal is made, the customer will go to the Finance Office to sign all the paperwork. Keep in mind that the finance office is another profit stream for the dealers (see the Finance section). Once the customer is out of the finance office, the salesman will move to the next step: Delivery.

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