Seven Steps to a Sale. Step Two: Qualify

—Salesman’s Goal: To “land” the customer on a vehicle.

sevenstep2The second step in the salesman’s process is to determine what the customer would like to buy and then find a suitable vehicle in the current inventory. This may seem like a minor step in the process, but it is a very important one. If the salesman doesn’t qualify the customer properly, his efforts will begin to follow the wrong track.

Salesmen are instructed to “walk and talk.” Good salespeople will always have their customers following them through the dealership, wherease “weaker” salesmen will follow the customer. Many times this is where the salesman will establish or lose control. The salesman will try to “land” the customer on a car simply by showing him the dealer’s inventory. However, on some occasions, salespeople will try to steer the customer toward a “Spiff” car. When a salesman sells a “spiff” car, he will receive an extra bonus. Salesman love “spiff” cars, not only because of the extra commission, but because they are usually a quick and easy sale.

In the event that a salesman does not find a car for the customer, the management will instruct the salesperson to “Turn” the customer to a new salesperson. A “turn” is often mandatory, because the dealer wants to be certain that they have had every opportunity to sell a car. They believe that a change of personality will enhance the possibility to move to the next step. Once the customer displays interest in a car, the salesman can start the Walk-Around.

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