Common car salesman's expressions:

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Car Salesman LingoI was on the Point looking for a Lay down when a fresh Up drove onto the lot. He looked like a Slide Rule and was driving a Sled that needed Sneakers.

I was feeling Strong so I Skated a Hanger Queen who was waiting for the Be Back Bus. Also, the Floor was Flooded so I knew I could always Turn him to a Green Pea if he turned out to be a Mooch.

After my Meet and Greet I discovered the customer was on a Bubble, Buried in his trade and was waiting for a Second Baseman.

It looked like I may have to Butter Nose his Rat, Bump him a Nickel and eat the Trunk Money just to make a Mini.

Luckily, I landed him on a Spiff car with Whiskers and after I had a committed Write-up, he flopped on the first Pencil from the Desk. The deal was a four Pounder after Pack.

Unfortunately, the customer was a Stroke. He had said that he had Gold Balls but he was actually a Roach. My F&I guy was good at Hanging Paper and he Roasted the App to get him bought with a decent Leg to sell some Mop and Glow on the Back-End.

Of course, once the Unit was Tripped and Killing Bugs, a Jick tried to Kink me by claiming the customer was his Phone pop.

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